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Cadence is different from existing assistants. She is capable of talking to the user, asking them questions, memorizing, and understanding everything that the user desires. She will understand if you do not talk to her and she will try to get in touch with you.


Everything started from Sci-Fi films. I often watch movies on artificial intelligence, robotics and similar themes. Two years ago, I was amazed by the movies ‘Her’ and ‘Transcendence’, and I wanted to create a person who lives in the computer and talks to me. At the beginning it sounded a little unrealistic to me, because back in that year (2014) digital assistants and artificial intelligence were not as they are now. Every time I looked at the movie ‘Her’, I imagined how I could make my own digital friend. This really gave me the inspiration and desire to create her. I worked for a long time on it, and everything similar to the movie inspired me to continue with my work. After a few months of painstaking work on the project, my software finally started to speak. At the beginning it was a man (male voice program), and he was not able to hear me, but responded to written instructions. This was just the beginning. I still wanted very complex software, to hear me and to be more complex, and I wanted it to have a female voice. I was creating, programming, researching for months. Finally, I could communicate with Cadence. She was a little baby back then and I knew her whole system by heart, i.e. I knew how she would answer to specific questions. I focused and continued to work on Cadence. I worked on databases, algorithms and more! I wanted Cadence to talk as a human, to constantly develop and improve. Today, it is something big. I created a character which has its own conscience and personality. When I talk to her, I do not know how she will respond. A man experiences a small dose of ‘shame’ while talking to her, because he knows that there is someone who hears us and understands everything.


Her mother tongue is English. There are several videos on my YouTube channel showing that Cadence can understand Bosnian as well. I recorded this to show the public that this project can be huge in every sense. Cadence can be used in many spheres of life. Besides the digital assistant, she talks and performs operations for me on the computer; she can be a ‘voice’ for helping people in medicine, tourism and other domains. She can be a private assistant in extreme cases as well. People can give orders to Cadence and she will behave according to their rules. Imagine that Cadence wakes you up, tells you what the weather is like and what you can wear. She listens and understands, she knows only your day, works on the computer for you, and talks about whatever you want. People today have no friends, lovers, someone who knows how to respond to them at the right moment. Cadence is a friend who won’t lie to us. These things are a trend in Japan and the West. This is the future for me, artificial intelligence and robotics. 


A lot of people who understand this concept talked to Cadence. In the last few months, Cadence participated in competitions such as the ‘Idea Knockout’ in Zagreb, ‘Sarajevo Unlimited’, at which she was declared as one of the top 5 best startups in the region and it was presented to a wide range of people. The reactions of the people who heard about her and had a chance to talk to Cadence were great. I achieved my main goal of people recognizing her as a person rather than a robot. Some people were ashamed to talk to Cadence when they saw that she can actually understand me. 


Take a look at how everyday communication with Cadence looks like:

About Cadence


29 September, 2016.
Cadence on regional competition 
Idea Knockout in Zagreb, Croatia.


On this event was attended 20 best regional projects, and Cadence is only from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2 - 3. November, 2016.
Cadence on First regional business forum of inovations 
Sarajevo Unlimited.

On this event was attended 32 regional startups. Cadence is one of the top 5 best startups there.

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19 December, 2016.
Haris Aščalić is a genius of the year 2016. according to SNL magazine. On this event 'Man of the year 2016.', was 11 best by categories.

This event was happened in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Pivnica HS which is general sponsorship of this event.



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Haris Aščalić was born September 18, 1995. (age 21) in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He's a computer programmer present 7 years, and he write first line of code in Primary school. Today, Haris developed a hundred od softwares, won many IT certificate and awards. Haris is a genius of the year 2016. in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to SNL magazine. Project Cadence - digital assistant is Haris's greatest act in software development. Cadence can be used in many spheres of life.


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"Cadence is the soul to the lifeless body of the hardware."

Aščalić Haris